Tranquil Fields and Riverside Camping – Day 21


Day 21 brought us from Donaueschingen to Gudmadingen, offering a picturesque journey through expansive fields and pleasant weather. The day’s cycling adventure concluded with a serene campsite near Gudmadingen, providing a tranquil end to the day’s ride.

Scenic Ride Through Open Fields:

The cycling route from Donaueschingen to Gudmadingen led us through sprawling open fields, offering a panorama of natural beauty. The expansive landscapes, adorned by clear skies and vibrant greenery, set a picturesque backdrop for our journey along the Danube.

Beautiful Weather and Cycling Delight:

The day was blessed with lovely weather, enhancing the cycling experience. The combination of clear skies, gentle breezes, and a sun-kissed landscape made the ride an absolute delight, allowing us to relish the openness of the surroundings and the joy of the open road.

Camping Near Gudmadingen:

As the day drew to a close, we found a serene camping spot near Gudmadingen. Nestled within this peaceful environment, we settled in for the night, surrounded by the quietude of nature. The riverside camping offered a soothing atmosphere, providing a relaxing end to our cycling adventure for the day.


Day 21 was characterized by the scenic beauty of open fields and favorable weather, contributing to a pleasant cycling experience. The peaceful campsite near Gudmadingen offered a serene respite, allowing us to connect with nature and rejuvenate for the adventures yet to unfold in our journey from Rotterdam to Romania along the Danube’s course.

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