Snorkeling in Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam lies towards the South West Coast of Egypt along the Red Sea, it’s a few hours South of Hurghada, but unlike Hurghada it isn’t full of Tourists and has a very local authentic feel to the place 😀.

This quiet getaway is a perfect place to unwind and slow things down if you need get away from the tourist hotspots and get a local feel for Egypt with some great Snorkeling. Everything is charged at local rates rather than tourist prices, no one bothers you to purchase tours or tries to pull you into their shop.

While Snorkeling here we got super lucky and managed to swim with a Turtle 🐢😁😁 for a good 10 minutes, it’s definitely the most fascinating thing I’ve seen underwater, there is something quite relaxing and magical about swimming side by side with a Turtle 😁

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