Arrival at the Danube’s Origin: Commencing the Danube Cycling Expedition – Day 20


Day 20 marked an eventful journey from somewhere near Monchweiler to Donaueschingen, the official starting point of the Danube River. This significant milestone initiated our exploration of the renowned European river, a pivotal segment of our cycling expedition from Rotterdam to Romania.

Morning Recreation and the Arrival in Donaueschingen:

The day commenced with a touch of nostalgia as we revisited a park, delighting in a morning play session on the swings. This playful start set the tone for a day brimming with anticipation.

Upon finally reaching Donaueschingen, the significance of the moment was palpable. Donaueschingen holds the distinction of being the origin of the Danube River, and it was a thrilling moment to arrive at this historically meaningful location.

Visiting the Danube Spring and Setting Off:

Our first destination in Donaueschingen was the Danube Spring, a site marked by the convergence of two streams—Breg and Brigach—signifying the beginning of the majestic Danube. It was an awe-inspiring sight, recognizing the symbolic start of our journey along this iconic river.

Embarking on the Danube:

The cycling journey along the Danube commenced from Donaueschingen. As we rode along this famed river’s path, the scenery was nothing short of spectacular. The picturesque landscapes, coupled with agreeable weather, added to the delight of the cycling experience.


Day 20 was a pivotal day, signifying the commencement of our exploration along the Danube River. From revisiting moments of youthful joy to the profound significance of reaching Donaueschingen, the origin of the Danube, the day was a blend of excitement, historical recognition, and the start of a new chapter in our cycling venture from Rotterdam to Romania. The scenic ride along the river’s banks was a promising introduction to the remarkable journey awaiting us along the Danube’s course.

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