Cycling in Northern Thailand: Day 9 – A Late Start and Some Long Climbs out of Pai

After a day Exploring Pai it was time to head back to Chiang Mai following the official route this time! 😃

The first half of the day was spent having a swim in the hotel pool while trying to find the puncture in our air bed, we managed to confuse a few guests and members of staff with the strategy but unfortunately didn’t find the slow puncture. We then topped up supplies from the local shop, got some breakfast at the local vegan restaurant and picked up lunch for the road.

At around 1pm it was time to hit the road, we cycled out of Pai encountering a few hills along the way and before we knew it we were back out of town, gliding past the memorial bridge again and into the Thai countryside.

As we got out of Pai the road started to wind uphill around the notorious bends on this route. We continued up and up and up and up some more, until around 6pm when the rain was about to start we found the perfect wild camping spot ⛺ overlooking the Pai district with a great view of the Sunset 🌅.

A short tough day of riding with amazing views along the way, some challenging climbs which are also quite rewarding.

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