Exploring Tuttligen and Riverside Camping – Day 22


Day 22 took us from Gudmadingen to Tuttligen, offering a day of exploration in Tuttligen’s heritage site followed by a scenic ride, ending with a peaceful campsite on the outskirts, providing a serene conclusion to our day’s cycling journey.

Visiting the Cathedral in Tuttligen:

The day began with a visit to the cathedral in Tuttligen, a significant site of cultural and historical importance. This religious landmark provided a glimpse into the town’s rich heritage, allowing us to appreciate the architectural and cultural elements within Tuttligen.

Scenic Ride and Tranquil Weather:

The cycling journey throughout the day was graced with beautiful weather, enhancing the scenic ride through the landscapes. The picturesque views, combined with tranquil weather, contributed to a delightful experience as we pedaled along the route, relishing the beauty of the surroundings.

Riverside Camping on the Outskirts:

As the day’s ride concluded, we found a serene camping spot on the outskirts of Tuttligen. The peaceful riverside setting offered a tranquil ambiance, providing a restful and serene environment for our camping experience. Surrounded by the calmness of nature, it served as a perfect setting to unwind after the day’s cycling journey.


Day 22 was a day of cultural exploration in Tuttligen, marked by a visit to the cathedral, before continuing our scenic ride. The tranquil weather and picturesque landscapes during the cycling journey provided a serene experience. The day concluded with a peaceful campsite on the outskirts, offering a restful atmosphere and a serene connection with nature as we continued our cycling adventure from Rotterdam to Romania along the Danube’s course.

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