The Pyramids of Giza

Getting into Giza and seeing the Pyramids so close to the hotels and a Pizza Hut right outside was a bit of a surprise. The City has been expanded right to the Edge of the site where the Pyramids are located,  guess 🤔 its good for business to be closer. It also makes the site much more easily accessible for visitors so pros and cons 🤷🏻‍♂️

Before entering the site there is a small ticket office, the ticket is around £8, and there is a gate to pass through, and that’s it we’d arrived at one of the Oldest Wonders of the World, yay 😀

Once through the gate the view of the 3 Pyramids of Giza with the Sphinx in the middle is Incredible, to think these structures have been there for around 4500 years quite magical and thought provoking 💭. The area around the initial viewing point gets crowded quickly so be so if you’re looking to get pictures without other people in them like you see online,  arrive early!

Wondering around the site is an Amazing experience, the grand scale of the Pyramids, and Sphinx is Incredible. A visit inside a Tomb, seeing some of the Hieroglyphs and sculptures in person is a highlight.

The area around the Pyramids has a buzzing atmosphere with a mix of people from around the world 🗺 , horses 🐎 and camels 🐫 galloping through the sand, chariots circling the area, lots of street vendors selling all sorts of items. There’s lots on offer to keep you busy, one of the nicest thinks to do is find a shaded spot under a pyramid and just take it all in with a few snacks of course.

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