Cycling Adventure from Rotterdam to Romania: Day 25 – Overcoming Bike Troubles


Day 25 of our cycling journey from Rotterdam to Romania was marked by an unexpected setback— a broken bike derailer that momentarily halted our progress. However, the day also exemplified the kindness of a helpful mechanic and the eventual resumption of our beautiful cycling journey.

Mechanical Setback on a Sunday:

The day began with the unfortunate discovery of a broken bike derailer, a frustrating obstacle compounded by the fact that it was a Sunday, and most shops were closed. This unexpected challenge left us at a standstill, unable to address the issue and continue our journey.

A Kind Mechanic’s Aid:

Amidst our predicament, a kind-hearted mechanic cycled past and noticed our plight. Recognizing our need for tools, he generously offered to assist. Going out of his way, he fetched the necessary tools, demonstrating a selfless act of kindness.

Resuming the Journey:

With the mechanic’s help, he skillfully managed to bend the derailer back into place, enabling us to continue our cycling expedition. His assistance and goodwill allowed us to overcome the setback, restoring our ability to ride once more.

Beautiful Cycling Amidst Challenges:

Despite the temporary setback, the day transitioned into a beautiful cycling experience once we were back on the road. The serene landscapes and favorable weather complemented our journey, allowing us to appreciate the beauty of the surroundings as we pedaled forward.


Day 25 stood out as a testament to the challenges faced during our cycling expedition, marked by a bike derailer issue that briefly stalled our progress. However, the unwavering kindness of a mechanic’s aid lifted our spirits and allowed us to overcome the obstacle. Eventually, the day unfolded into a beautiful journey, showcasing the resilience and unexpected kindness encountered along the route from Rotterdam to Romania.

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