Jabal Mousa

Jabal Mousa is known as the Mountain (Jabal) where Moses (Mousa) received the 10 commandments. It’s located in the Sinai region 2 hours from Dahab, in the village of St Catherine.

The Mountain is an easy hike which can be climbed in a couple of hours, it’s a gentle climb up until the last leg where there are 750 steps to the summit. There are plenty of shops on route to the top including one just before the summit to keep you energised.

The views on the way up are incredible, the journey is amazingly scenic all the way up but as with a lot of Mountains as the journey progreses the views get more Epic. From the summit the views of the surrounding mountains and the desert valley below come into full view, which is a very rewarding end to the climb! 😁🗻🌄 There is also a small Mosque 🕌 and Church ⛪ at the top.

There are a few options available to get to the Mountain and complete the trek. The first is to take one of the numerous Tours from Dahab which run daily,  its not difficult to find one there is always lots of people trying to sell the tours around Dahab. Most of the tours depart Dahab at 22.00 with the hike starting around 1am so people can climb it in the dark to watch the stars from the summit and then wait for sunrise 🌅  before heading down. The second option is to climb during day with a private tour as most people do the night hike they don’t really offer many tours in the day unless you go private which is more expensive around $100.

The option we took was to get a local bus to St Catherine and do the hike without a tour company 🤔 Sounds great right? 😂 Well firstly the bus didn’t stop near the Mountain it dropped us off at a police checkpoint 👮about 8km from the start point. The officers at the checkpoint flagged us a taxi  🚖 , we booked a local guide at the entrance to the Monastery which is located at the foot of the Mountain and off we went. The Journey was incredible as described earlier. Once back down the Mountain we needed to get back to Dahab but we later realized there were no busses,  even though the bus company we came with told us to just call a number to get a return bus 🤷🏻‍♂️ so time for plan B 🤔 we went back to the checkpoint via taxi as there is a small service station there and the area around the monastery is way too quiet. After flagging down a few busses it became clear that all the Buses at the time was headed to Cairo and the next bus to Dahab would be in the Morning ⌚️eventually a taxi turned up at the service station who was heading to Cairo🤦🏻 but he knew a guy who offered us a reasonable rate back to Dahab. After another 30 mins of waiting he turned up and another 2 hours later we were back in Dahab, Adventure over 🥱 time t hit the deck until next time!

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