The Hustle & Bustle of Cairo

Cairo the Capital of Egypt 🇪🇬 home to 10 million people, the Pyramids of Giza (see related post 😁), a City full of History & Antiquities, as well as some of the most Caotic road traffic I’ve ever come across 🚗🚕.

As you walk through the City the traffic is constant, as is the use if the horn, there isn’t really any traffic lights or pedestrian crossings, the practice is to say “Inshallah” raise a hand 🖐 and walk into the traffic, everyone will weave around you somehow 😟. I don’t envy the drivers here especially the Taxi’s 🚖, there are constant near misses as everyone tries to get from A-B, and with a huge amount of competition the Taxi’s prices are much lower than other parts of Egypt but the journeys take longer because of the traffic 🚥, but don’t let this scare you.

There is a huge amount to do and see in the City, Antiquities from Egypts past, The Egyptian Museum, Sultan Mosque, a huge amount of Shops and Restaurants. There are great Bus 🚍 and Train 🚉 links in and out of the City. While here we paid a visit to Sultan Mosque 🕌 and the Egyptian Museum.

There are 2 Mosques side by side as well as a newer Mosque across the road. The Architecture and Artwork of the buildings is impressive and there is a feeling of Peace and Tranquility inside them.

The Egyptian Museum is a must visit on a Trip to Cairo, it’s home to the Mummies, and Sarcafaguses, and some of the treasures, all the Antiquities are due to be moved to the new Grand Museum which isn’t open yet.

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