The Historic City of Luxor

Luxor has more to it than just the Valley of the Kings (see related post 😀), it’s one of the most popular places where people start or end their River Nile Cruises. It has similar things on offer to Cairo but with a different feeling, Cairo is Crazy ðŸĪŠ busy while Luxor has a bit more of a calmer vibe, still very busy but calmer. There are lots of temples full of history, Luxor Temple, and Kudur Temples being 2 of the main ones, there are also 2 Mosques 🕌 next to Luxor Temple. Plenty of excursions are on offer from Luxor, one of the main ones being sold are hot air balloon 🎈 rides over the Valley of the Kings at Sunrise 🌅, lot’s Horse and Cart along the Nile River, organised tours to Aswan, and of course the Nile Cruises of varying lengths. And if you prefer shopping and dining out there’s plenty of options for that too.

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