Munich to Venice – Day 1

The first Day of the Munich to Venice Adventure was Very Busy, it involved packing my Bike and Gear into the Car, getting to Manchester Airport, and checking it all in. Then after a short flight to Munich taking over the arivals lounge and putting it all together in the airport. The wheels, handlebar, pannier racks needed puttting together, all my supplies needed to be organised into the panniers or bungy coded to the bike in the middle of a Busy Arrivals Lounge. As I prepared for the Journey I looked at the time and noticed the hours passing by and I hadn’t even started cycling yet. Once all setup there were a lot of miles to ride before the end of the day, Riding straight out of an airport is a rewarding experience, it feels Freeing none of the usual logistical dependencies and it felt Great to finally start the Journey. A quick stop of at the fuel station to recharge on snacks and to fill up my water bottles, and before long I was into the Countryside of Munich. Riding through the quiet Munich countryside was enough to Calm, and then onto the Isar River where the rest of the Day was spent heading to Bad Tolz. The River Isar weaves in and out of parks and through sections of woodland, the contrast keeps the miles interesting.

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