Rain-Adorned Landscapes: Cycling from Rotterdam to Romania – Day 38


Day 38 of our cycling odyssey unfolded as a picturesque journey from near Straubing to the charming destination of Deggendorf. With the beauty of the landscapes and the unique character of each city along our route, the day promised both serene cycling and the refreshing touch of rain showers.

Setting Out from Near Straubing:

The day commenced near Straubing, a city known for its historical charm and welcoming ambiance. Energized by the prospect of exploration, we set out on our bikes, guided by the road and the ever-changing scenery that lay ahead.

Cycling through the Beauty of Straubing:

Straubing, with its well-preserved architecture and riverside allure, provided a delightful start to our journey. Pedaling through the city’s streets, we marveled at the blend of medieval charm and modern vibrancy, a testament to the harmonious coexistence of history and contemporary life.

Scenic Landscapes Unveiled:

As we cycled away from Straubing, the landscapes unfolded in all their natural splendor. Rolling hills, expansive fields, and quaint villages painted a beautiful canvas against the backdrop of the sky. The ever-present Danube River accompanied us, weaving its way through the heart of the Bavarian countryside.

The Refreshing Touch of Rain Showers:

Nature, however, had its own plans for the day. Rain showers, like a gentle symphony, began to grace our journey. While the droplets danced on leaves and pathways, they added a refreshing dimension to the cycling experience. The scent of rain-kissed earth and the sound of droplets against our gear became integral elements of the day’s adventure.

Arriving in Deggendorf:

Our journey led us to the welcoming city of Deggendorf, nestled along the Danube. Despite the rain showers, the city’s charm shone through. Quaint streets, inviting cafes, and the promise of further exploration greeted us as we arrived, grateful for the day’s cycling experiences.

Reflections on Day 38:

Day 38, from near Straubing to Deggendorf, stood out as a testament to the unpredictable beauty of nature. The scenic landscapes, the historic charm of Straubing, and the refreshing rain showers all played a part in creating a memorable chapter of our cycling adventure. As we reflected on the day, it became clear that the ever-changing elements added depth and uniqueness to each segment of our journey.


Cycling through the captivating landscapes from near Straubing to Deggendorf on Day 38 brought a blend of natural beauty and unexpected rain showers. The journey unfolded as a harmonious symphony of historical charm, scenic views, and the refreshing touch of rain, reminding us that every twist and turn on the road has its own story to tell.

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