Cycling in Northern Thailand: Day 2 – Swimming in Waterfalls

Getting up in the random field we found to wild camp the night before, and taking in the views at the edge of Chiang Mai was a rewarding feeling, the Adventure had begun and we were getting out of the city and into the countryside of Northern Thailand.

As we hit the road we shortly started climbing some big hills and the sun was intense, the climbs were tough in the Thai heat with some sharp inclines that just kept going on and on and on and on 🤷🏻‍♂️.

Eventually after hours in the saddle we reached the Tard Mork Waterfall which was a great little stop off. We had some snacks for breakfast here and then went for a shower under the waterfalls to cool down from the Thai heat.

After a nice long break it was time to hit the road again and the route continued uphill, the heat soon dried out my wet clothes from the waterfall.

As we continued up some big hills we came across a restaurant on the side of the road, we ordered some food and luckily as we got under the shelter the clouds opened up and there was a huge downpour. We had some vegetable pad Thai and a few mangos to top up the energy levels. We waited for around half an hour for the rain to settle before hitting the road again.

After a short while the sun was back out in full force and we could see the rain evaporate from the road.

We continued up hills for the rest of the day until it got late and we found a Lake in Ban Mae Tung Ting on google maps. After scouting it out it turned out to be the perfect spot to wild camp for the night with a great view of the lake.

It had been a tough day of climbs with some very scenic views and a refreshing shower in Tard Mork waterfall.

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