Cycling Adventure from Rotterdam to Romania: Day Six – From Mönchengladbach to Cologne

Day six of our cycling expedition from Rotterdam to Romania saw us making our way from Mönchengladbach to the vibrant city of Cologne. The day was filled with unexpected challenges, a dash of grocery shopping, and a dramatic weather twist. However, we ultimately found shelter in a hotel and managed to make the most of our journey.

Morning Quest for Camping Gas:
Our day began with a morning cycle into the town of Grevenbroich, where we embarked on a mission to source camping gas. After checking various shops, we finally managed to secure the necessary supplies, ensuring our ability to cook and camp along the way.

Stocking Up at Aldi and Kaufland:
With camping gas in hand, we decided to top up on other essential supplies. Our first stop was Aldi, where we replenished our food and water reserves. Then, we ventured to Kaufland, a supermarket that offered a wide selection of groceries and camping essentials. It was a strategic move to ensure we had everything we needed for the journey ahead.

Brunch Break:
After our shopping spree, we decided to indulge in a hearty brunch to refuel ourselves. The local cuisine added a taste of Germany to our adventure, and it was a pleasant pause in our day.

A Weather Surprise:
Just as we were preparing to leave Grevenbroich, the skies took an unexpected turn. Heavy rain and thunderstorms rolled in, forcing us to take shelter for a few hours. While it was an unexpected delay, it allowed us to rest and regroup for the next leg of our journey.

Cologne Beckons:
Fortunately, the weather gods smiled upon us as we resumed our ride towards Cologne. The rain subsided, and we enjoyed a pleasant ride into the city as the weather gradually cleared. The contrast between the stormy start and the sunny conclusion of the day was a reminder of the unpredictable nature of long-distance cycling.

Hotel Stay and Car Park Cooking:
To ensure a comfortable and dry night, we opted for a hotel stay in Cologne. Once settled, we decided to cook a meal in the hotel car park, making use of our camping gear. It was a quirky dining experience that added a touch of adventure to our hotel stay.

Day six of our cycling journey was a rollercoaster of experiences, from the quest for camping gas to the unexpected rainstorm. As we settled into our hotel in Cologne, we reflected on the challenges and rewards of long-distance cycling, knowing that each day brought new adventures and memories on our path from Rotterdam to Romania.

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