Cycling in Northern Thailand Day 1 Rolling out of Chiang Mai

After a quick look online and coming across the Mae Hong Son loop, we decides to rent sone bikes 🚲🚲 and hit the road. We tried to just hit the road without thinking too much about it so we didn’t talk ourselves out of the ride.

We headed to Chiang Mai Bicycle rental shop and tested a list of bikes, after a while of testing then we finally settled on 2 before moving onto a few modifications. We changed the seats around and got some racks fitted for our panniers. Then we selected some panniers and tools for the journey, and before long we negotiated a price and we were off.

The first stop was the vegan restaurant by the hotel to grab some lunch before heading to our hotel. At the hotel we got all the supplies we needed for the cycling adventure into the panniers and onto the bikes and around 2pm we slowly headed out of Chiang Mai.

As we cycled out of Chiang Mai the traffic quietened as we moved further out of the City. After a few hours we were out of the City and getting into the Northern Thailand countryside. As darkness approached we found a big field on a hill which seemed like a great place to pitch for the night.

After a few hours of sleep at silly o’clock a dog began barking by the tent⛺. We decided to ignore it but it went on barking loudly for almost an hour as it moved around the tent. Eventually it got bored and we managed to get some sleep💤💤😴.

A nice day of prep and contrasts as we rode out of the city and into the countryside, a great way to start our cycling adventure.

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