Cycling Adventure from Rotterdam to Romania: Day Three – Wijboschbroek to Griendsveen

As our cycling journey from Rotterdam to Romania continued, day three proved to be an adventure unlike any other. We pedaled our way from the lush greenery of Wijboschbroek to the charming village of Griendsveen. This leg of the trip offered a wet start, encounters with a variety of animals, and a diverse range of terrain, keeping us on our toes throughout the day.

A Wet Start:
The day began with a drizzly rain that had us reaching for our rain gear once more. While the wet start was less than ideal, it added a refreshing twist to our adventure. The raindrops danced on the leaves and created a soothing soundtrack as we cycled through the forested paths of Wijboschbroek.

Animal Encounters:
One of the highlights of day three was the numerous animal encounters along the way. We passed by fields filled with graceful horses, curious bambis (deer), and friendly donkeys. Cows and goats grazed peacefully in the pastures, and their presence added a sense of tranquility to the rural landscape. It was a reminder of the close connection between the Dutch countryside and its inhabitants.

Varied Terrain:
The terrain on this leg of our journey was as diverse as the wildlife we encountered. We cycled through quaint villages, where locals waved and greeted us with warm smiles. Riding alongside railways brought a sense of adventure, while the quiet countryside offered moments of solitude and reflection. The rolling hills provided a physical challenge, while the large forests provided a serene escape from the outside world.

Griendsveen: Our Restful Destination:
Our day’s journey came to a delightful end as we arrived in the charming village of Griendsveen. The village welcomed us with its picturesque cottages and a sense of timelessness that transported us to a bygone era. We found a cozy place to rest for the night, looking forward to exploring more of this hidden gem.

Day three of our cycling adventure from Rotterdam to Romania was a reminder that every day on the road is an adventure in itself. From the wet start to the enchanting encounters with animals and the ever-changing terrain, it was a day filled with surprises and serenity. As we settled in Griendsveen for the night, we couldn’t help but feel grateful for the experiences and memories we were collecting on this incredible journey, and we eagerly anticipated what the next day had in store.

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