Cycling in Northern Thailand: Day 3 – Thai Hospitality in a Small Village

We woke up by the Lake in Ban Mae Tung Ting our wild camping ⛺ spot for the night. After packing up the panniers we continued North through the Khun Khan National Park. It was a hot day with some big climbs on good road conditions and some amazing views along the way.

Eventually we reached Mae Sap where we stopped for lunch at a small coffee shop, this is where we met Pha Yong and his family, who made us feel very welcome. They made us noodles with veg, provided us with water and we discussed our cycling trip, Pha Yong also told us about a campsite he has down the road.

After a while we continued on our way towards Ban Mae Jum but as we left the town we ended up on a very rugged dirt track with huge rocks and pot holes, the bikes bounced around on the rocks and there was a good chance we could get a puncture. After the first stretch down a steep downhill we found a bench and discussed the best option going forward. I went down the dirt track on foot and scouted out the area and as far as I could see the current conditions continued for a while.

The decision was to head back to the coffee shop, stay at their campsite and getting some tips on an alternative route.

When we got back to the Coffee shop Pha Yong and his family had left the shop, after a short while his father turned up and let us into the shop. There was a language barrier but we had Google Translate, eventually we managed to speak with Pha on the phone who arranged for his brother to take us have a shower before his brother guided us to the campsite.

The Campsite was on top of a hill overlooking the national park below, the view was incredible. We pitched our tent ⛺under a shelter as it was supposed to rain quite heavily that night. We were also brought a fresh meal of rice with a spicy spinach dish and some fruit.

It soon got dark and after finishing dinner we hit the deck.

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