Cycling Adventure from Rotterdam to Romania: Day Twelve – From Bobenheim-Roxheim to Mannheim, A Day of Kindness and Warmth


On the twelfth day of our cycling expedition from Rotterdam to Romania, we embarked on a short but memorable ride from Bobenheim-Roxheim to Mannheim. This day was marked by unexpected acts of kindness, welcoming hospitality, and the comfort of a warm shower and bed on a wet evening.

A Short Wet Ride Along the Danube:
Our journey to Mannheim was a relatively short one, with the wet weather providing a unique atmosphere. The gentle raindrops provided a soothing backdrop to our ride along the Danube, creating a tranquil ambiance on the road.

Cooking in the Park:

As we made our way through Mannheim, we decided to make a pit stop in a local park to cook a meal. The communal cooking experience added a sense of camaraderie to our journey, and the park provided a pleasant setting for our impromptu meal.

Welcomed by Warm Showers Host Paul:

The highlight of the day was our encounter with Paul, our first Warm Showers host. He not only accepted our last-minute request but also went above and beyond to make us feel welcome. Paul’s generosity knew no bounds as he allowed us to wash our clothes, even offering to take them out of the washing machine late at night when he had work the next day.

An Amazing Person:

Paul’s warm and accommodating nature made him an unforgettable part of our journey. He not only welcomed us into his home but also helped us bring our heavy bags up to the apartment. His kindness and willingness to help made us realize the beauty of human connection and the incredible people we would meet along the way.

A Night of Comfort:

As the evening rain continued, we enjoyed a hot shower and the luxury of a warm bed in Paul’s welcoming home. It was a stark contrast to the wet weather outside and provided a sense of comfort and belonging on our journey.


Day twelve was a testament to the kindness and generosity of strangers. Paul’s warm hospitality and selfless acts of kindness left a profound impact on our journey. As we rested in comfort on this rainy evening in Mannheim, we were reminded of the incredible people we would encounter on our path from Rotterdam to Romania, making the adventure all the more meaningful.

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