Cycling Adventure from Rotterdam to Romania: Day Eleven – Bingen to Bobenheim-Roxheim, A Day of Long Riding and Cathedral Visit

On the eleventh day of our incredible cycling journey from Rotterdam to Romania, we embarked on a marathon ride from Bingen to Bobenheim-Roxheim. This day was characterized by an early start, encounters with vineyards and horses, a visit to the cathedral in Mainz, and a night of wild camping on the outskirts of Bobenheim-Roxheim.

Early Start and Quiet Sunday:
We began our day with a 5 am start, eager to cover the 82-kilometer route ahead. It being a Sunday, we encountered the peacefulness of the early morning and the quiet streets, as many shops were closed. Thankfully, we had meals prepared from the day before, ensuring we were well-fed for the ride.

Perfect Weather and Vineyard Views:
The day greeted us with ideal cycling weather – clear skies and a gentle breeze. As we pedaled through the picturesque countryside, we couldn’t help but notice the vineyards stretching for miles, laden with plump, juicy grapes. The sight of the vineyards added a touch of romance to our journey.

Horses Along the Route:
Our route took us through charming rural areas, and we were delighted to come across friendly horses along the way. Their gentle presence provided a sense of connection to the countryside, and we took a moment to appreciate these majestic animals.

Mainz Cathedral and City Lunch:
In the city of Mainz, we made a stop to visit the magnificent Mainz Cathedral (Mainzer Dom). This centuries-old cathedral, with its stunning architecture and historical significance, left us in awe of its grandeur. After our visit, we enjoyed a leisurely lunch in the city, savoring local cuisine and taking in the vibrant atmosphere.

Wild Camping on the Edge of Bobenheim-Roxheim:
As the sun began to set, we found a peaceful spot on the outskirts of Bobenheim-Roxheim to set up camp for the night. Wild camping in nature allowed us to disconnect from the hustle and bustle and appreciate the serenity of the countryside.

Day eleven of our cycling adventure was a day of endurance and discovery. From the early morning start and encounters with vineyards and horses to the cathedral visit in Mainz and a night of wild camping, it was a day filled with diverse experiences. As we settled into our campsite, we reflected on the beauty of the journey and looked forward to the adventures that awaited us on the road from Rotterdam to Romania.

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  1. Franz says:

    Hallo, we meet us today in upper austria on danube! This was a speziale Moment for me….you are so greatful people….i wish you a good yourney, have a great time and god bles you! Many greetings vom me,the harleydriver and my wife

    1. Hey Franz, was Awesome meeting you on the Road, hope you had a Great Adventure and many more to come! 🙂

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