Gears Fixed and City Lights: Cycling from Rotterdam to Romania – Day 51


Day 51 of our cycling journey from Rotterdam to Romania marked a unique blend of productivity and urban adventure in Vienna. With a focus on bike repairs, gear sorting, and preparations for colder weather, the day also unfolded as an opportunity to savor the scenic beauty of Vienna and its unique camping spots.

Bike Repairs and Gear Sorting:

The day commenced with a much-needed focus on bike repairs. Finally tackling the persistent issue with the gears, the satisfaction of a smoothly operating bike echoed through the streets of Vienna. The seamless gear transitions were a cause for celebration, marking a significant milestone in our journey.

Tent Maintenance:

The attentiveness to our equipment extended to the tent, where a new pole replaced the one that had slipped open. Ensuring the reliability of our shelter was crucial, especially as we prepared for potential changes in weather conditions along the route.

Prepping for Cold Weather:

With an eye on the forecast, we engaged in a bit of shopping to prepare for colder temperatures. Ensuring we had the necessary gear and provisions became a priority, as the journey ahead might bring new challenges in the form of changing weather patterns.

Camping on Vienna’s Island:

As the sun set over Vienna, we sought out a unique camping spot on Vienna’s island, providing a panoramic view of the city lights. The juxtaposition of urban life and the tranquility of our camping spot created a picturesque setting, offering a different perspective on Vienna’s vibrant character.

Pizza Night and Urban Exploration:

To round off the day, we ventured out for a pizza night, savoring the local flavors of Vienna. The city’s charm unfolded as we explored its streets, squares, and the lively atmosphere that permeated the urban landscape.

Unexpected Encounter:

While nestled in our tent, enjoying the city lights from our camping spot, an unexpected encounter unfolded. A passerby, seemingly under the influence, interacted with the bike, leading to an unintended mishap. The situation, though momentary, highlighted the unpredictable nature of urban camping and the need for vigilance even in seemingly tranquil settings.

Reflections on Day 51:

Day 51 encapsulated the essence of a cycling adventure—addressing practicalities, enjoying the beauty of urban landscapes, and navigating unexpected encounters. The satisfaction of a repaired bike and a well-maintained tent added to the sense of accomplishment. As we looked out over Vienna’s city lights, we reflected on the diverse experiences that each day of the journey brought.


Cycling from Rotterdam to Romania is a journey filled with diverse moments, from the triumphs of gear repairs to the unexpected encounters in urban settings. Day 51, with its blend of practical tasks, urban exploration, and a touch of the unexpected, became another chapter in the evolving narrative of our cycling adventure.

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