Unexpected Turns and Warm Welcomes: Cycling from Rotterdam to Romania – Day 49


Day 49 of our cycling adventure from Rotterdam to Romania unfolded with unexpected turns and warm welcomes. A short ride from Tulln to Vienna brought us to a critical juncture in our journey as we faced a mechanical challenge, but the day also presented the opportunity to stay with Sabrina, a seasoned adventurer with a wealth of cycling experiences.

Mechanical Challenge in Vienna:

As we approached Vienna, a city steeped in history and culture, our journey took an unexpected turn. The persistent issue with the bike’s gears necessitated urgent attention. Fortunately, we located a bike shop that had the elusive hanger needed for the repair. However, the challenge was far from over as the shop, constrained by time constraints, couldn’t undertake the extensive repair on the day of our arrival.

Bank Holiday and Riding Without Gears:

Compounding the situation, the following day was a bank holiday, further delaying the repair process. Sods law seemed to greet us again, leaving us riding through the vibrant streets of Vienna without the convenience of gears. Despite the setback, we embraced the spirit of adventure, knowing that challenges are an inherent part of long-distance cycling.

Staying with Sabrina – A Haven of Stories:

In the midst of this challenge, we found solace in the warm welcome extended by Sabrina. A seasoned adventurer with a remarkable cycling history, Sabrina graciously agreed to host us for two nights. Her apartment became a haven of stories, with every artifact and memento sharing a tale of her diverse travels around the world.

Exploring Vienna and Reflecting:

While we waited for the repair shops to reopen, Sabrina guided us through the rich cultural tapestry of Vienna. The city’s historical landmarks, vibrant markets, and charming streets became our exploration grounds. Amidst the urban adventure, Sabrina shared her experiences, creating a space for reflection on the broader narrative of our cycling journey.

Reflections on Day 49:

Day 49 illuminated the unpredictable nature of long-distance cycling. Mechanical challenges and unexpected delays served as reminders that flexibility and adaptability are key companions on the road. Sabrina’s warm hospitality and the vibrant backdrop of Vienna provided a unique interlude in our journey, inviting reflection on the diverse experiences encountered thus far.


Cycling from Rotterdam to Romania is a narrative woven not just by the kilometers covered but by the encounters with challenges and the people who enrich the journey. Day 49, marked by mechanical intricacies, a ride through Vienna without gears, and the warm embrace of Sabrina’s hospitality, underscored the diverse facets that define a cycling adventure. As we waited for the repairs, Vienna became a chapter in our story, demonstrating that even unexpected turns can lead to enriching experiences along the way.

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