Scenic Wonders, Mechanical Challenges, and Warm Hospitality: Cycling from Rotterdam to Romania – Day 48


Day 48 of our cycling adventure from Rotterdam to Romania continued to unfold as a journey of scenic beauty, mechanical challenges, and the warmth of fellow cyclists. Cycling from Krems to Tulln, the day brought us through captivating landscapes, past historical sites, and into the welcoming home of Stefen, a seasoned adventurer and host from Warm Showers.

Scenic Wonders Along the Danube:

The day’s cycling route took us through breathtaking landscapes, with the Danube River accompanying us on our journey. As we pedaled past an old nuclear facility, the juxtaposition of nature and history painted a vivid picture of the regions through which we were passing. The beauty of the Danube continued to unfold, offering a sense of tranquility amid the challenges we faced with the persisting single gear.

One Gear Challenges Persist:

Cycling through the scenic wonders, the challenge of navigating with only one gear remained a constant companion. The undulating terrain, though picturesque, demanded extra effort and determination. The desire to overcome these challenges fueled our pedal strokes as we embraced the adaptability required on a long-distance cycling adventure.

Search for the Elusive Hanger:

In Tulln, the quest for the elusive hanger needed for the bike repair continued. A visit to a local bike shop brought both hope and disappointment as they didn’t have the specific part. Correspondence with a bike shop in Vienna suggested a potential solution, but the complexity of Kona bike variations added a layer of uncertainty to the search.

Stefen’s Warm Showers Hospitality:

The day concluded with a warm welcome from Stefen, our host from Warm Showers, in Tulln. Stefen’s home was not just a place to stay but a hub of adventure stories and cycling experiences. His wealth of knowledge and genuine enthusiasm for bikepacking added a layer of inspiration to our journey. Nestled in a scenic part of town, Stefen’s home became a sanctuary for tired cyclists seeking both physical and mental rejuvenation.

Reflections on Day 48:

Day 48 encapsulated the essence of a cycling adventure – the harmonious blend of nature’s beauty, mechanical challenges, and the bonds formed within the cycling community. The persistent quest for the hanger mirrored the unpredictability of the road, while Stefen’s hospitality illuminated the camaraderie that defines the Warm Showers network.


Cycling from Rotterdam to Romania is a journey that unfolds not just on the roads but in the encounters with landscapes, challenges, and the people who open their homes to weary travelers. Day 48, marked by scenic wonders, mechanical quests, and the warmth of Stefen’s hospitality, stands as a testament to the multifaceted nature of long-distance cycling. As we pedaled forward, each day brought new landscapes and connections, shaping the narrative of an adventure that extends beyond the miles covered.

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