Cycling Adventure from Rotterdam to Romania: Day Seven – A Relaxing Day in Cologne

On the seventh day of our cycling expedition from Rotterdam to Romania, we decided to take a well-deserved break in the beautiful city of Cologne. It was a day of exploration, cultural discovery, and relaxation as we soaked in the rich history and vibrant atmosphere of this German city.

Exploring Cologne:
Our day began with a leisurely exploration of Cologne, a city steeped in history and known for its stunning architecture. We set off on our bicycles and made our way to some of the city’s most iconic landmarks.

The Majestic Cathedral:
Our first stop was the magnificent Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom). This towering Gothic masterpiece never fails to leave visitors in awe, and we were no exception. We marveled at its intricate façade and ventured inside to admire the stunning stained glass windows and soaring arches. The cathedral was a testament to human ingenuity and craftsmanship.

Rhine Park and the Bridge:
After our visit to the cathedral, we made our way to Rhine Park (Rheinpark), a serene oasis along the banks of the Rhine River. Here, we enjoyed a relaxing stroll amidst lush greenery, taking in the serene views of the river and Cologne’s skyline. We also crossed the iconic Hohenzollern Bridge, famous for the countless love locks adorning its railings—a symbol of everlasting love.

Camping by the Rhine River:
As the day drew to a close, we decided to camp outside the city along the picturesque Rhine River. Finding a peaceful spot by the water, we set up our campsite and watched the sunset over the tranquil river. It was a serene and idyllic end to our rest day in Cologne.

Day seven provided us with a much-needed break from our intense cycling journey. Exploring Cologne, from the awe-inspiring cathedral to the peaceful Rhine Park, was a cultural and visual treat. Our decision to camp by the Rhine River allowed us to reconnect with nature and relax before continuing our adventure from Rotterdam to Romania. With our spirits rejuvenated, we looked forward to the challenges and discoveries that awaited us in the days ahead.

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