Turning Mechanical Setbacks into Triumph: A Weekend Repair Odyssey in Enns – Cycling from Rotterdam to Romania: Day 45


Day 45 of our cycling journey from Rotterdam to Romania took an unexpected turn as we cycled with Marco to the charming town of Enns. Unfortunately, during our exploration, the derailleur and hanger on my bike twisted and snapped, presenting a formidable challenge. Compounded by the fact that it was a Saturday evening with all the bike shops closed until Monday, our cycling adventure faced an unforeseen hurdle. However, the spirit of the cycling community and the kindness of locals, especially Belmin who opened his bike shop on his day off, transformed what could have been a setback into a testament of resilience.

Cycling to Enns with Marco:

The day began with the pleasant company of Marco, a fellow adventurer on the road to the Black Sea. The picturesque ride to Enns along the Danube River created a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose, enhancing the joy of the journey.

Derailleur Dilemma in Enns:

As we explored Enns, the evening took an unexpected turn when my derailleur and hanger decided to give in. To add to the challenge, it was a Saturday evening, and the realization hit that all the local bike shops would remain closed until Monday. The snapped derailleur and hanger left us stranded in Enns, contemplating our options.

Belmin’s Beacon of Hope:

While pondering our predicament on a bench, a local jogger stopped to offer assistance. This Good Samaritan, through the power of community spirit, contacted his friend Belmin, who owned a bike shop. Despite being his day off, Belmin generously agreed to open up and assess the situation.

Meeting Belmin and Opening the Bike Shop on a Sunday:

Guided by our newfound local friend, we pushed the bike to Belmin’s bike shop. The sight of a bike shop opening on a Sunday was a beacon of hope, a testament to the supportive cycling community. Belmin inspected the damage, providing a temporary solution by getting the chain on. However, riding without gears became the interim norm until a more comprehensive fix could be arranged.

Challenges Persisting:

While Belmin’s efforts were commendable, the lack of a 10-speed derailleur and the specific hanger we needed meant that a complete solution would have to wait. Riding with only one gear, the journey continued with a unique set of challenges, turning every pedal stroke into a test of both physical and mental fortitude.

Reflections on Day 45:

Day 45 became a chapter in our cycling saga, illustrating the unpredictability inherent in long-distance adventures. The unexpected derailleur setback, compounded by the closure of bike shops, showcased the importance of adaptability on the road. Belmin’s act of opening his shop on a Sunday symbolized the resilience of the cycling community and the generosity of strangers.


Cycling from Rotterdam to Romania is a testament to the unforeseen challenges that may arise, testing the adaptability and determination of the adventurer. Day 45 in Enns encapsulates the essence of such journeys, where mechanical setbacks become opportunities for community support and personal triumph. As we navigated the hurdles of a closed shop, the journey continued, proving that even when gears are limited, the spirit to pedal forward remains boundless. Enns, with its unexpected challenges and the opening of Belmin’s bike shop on a Sunday, etched itself into the narrative of our cycling odyssey as a chapter of both adversity and triumph.

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