Crossing Borders: Cycling from Rotterdam to Romania – Day 54


Day 54 of our cycling adventure from Rotterdam to Romania marked a significant border crossing as we bid farewell to Austria and ventured into the welcoming embrace of Slovakia. The day unfolded with a scenic ride through the wetlands of the last stretch in Austria, culminating in a memorable campsite on the Slovakian border.

Farewell to Austria:

The morning sun painted the Austrian landscape with warm hues as we embarked on the last stretch of our Austrian journey. Cycling through the wetlands, we relished the final glimpses of Austria’s natural beauty—lush greenery, winding rivers, and the tranquility that had become a companion throughout our Austrian leg.

Scenic Ride through Wetlands:

The route took us through a picturesque landscape characterized by wetlands and meandering waterways. The wetlands, teeming with diverse flora and fauna, provided a serene backdrop to our cycling adventure. The rhythmic cadence of our pedals harmonized with the sounds of nature, creating a symphony of movement and tranquility.

Border Crossing into Slovakia:

As we approached the border, a sense of anticipation filled the air. Crossing the Slovakian border became a symbolic moment in our journey—a transition into a new chapter of exploration and discovery. The welcoming landscapes of Slovakia awaited, promising unique experiences and cultural encounters.

Campsite on the Slovakian Border:

Choosing a spot near the border, we set up camp against the backdrop of the Slovakian landscape. The evening unfolded with a sense of accomplishment and the excitement of exploring a new country the next day. The borderlands provided a quiet haven for reflection, with the river marking the division between Austria and Slovakia.

Reflections on Day 54:

Day 54 was a day of transition, marked by the border crossing from Austria to Slovakia. The scenic ride through Austrian wetlands served as a farewell to one captivating landscape, while the anticipation of discovering Slovakia added a new dimension to our cycling adventure. The campsite on the Slovakian border became a symbolic resting place, bridging two chapters of our journey.


Cycling from Rotterdam to Romania is a continuous tapestry of landscapes, cultures, and border crossings. Day 54, with its farewell to Austria and the welcoming embrace of Slovakia, encapsulated the essence of the journey—a seamless flow of exploration and discovery. As we camped on the Slovakian border, we looked forward to the adventures that awaited us in the heart of Eastern Europe.

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