A Single-Gear Triumph and Warm Welcome in Melk: Cycling from Rotterdam to Romania – Day 46


Day 46 of our cycling adventure from Rotterdam to Romania unfolded as a unique chapter, characterized by a single-gear odyssey along the scenic Danube River from Enns to Melk. The day held the promise of reunion with Josef and Lisa, fellow cyclists we had previously encountered on the Danube route. Their generous offer to host us in Melk added an extra layer of anticipation to the day’s journey.

A Single-Gear Challenge:

The day’s cycling adventure presented an unforeseen challenge as we navigated the route with only one gear. The snapped derailleur from the previous day’s mishap left us with a limited but determined means of pedaling forward. The undulating hills on either side of the Danube provided a picturesque backdrop, turning each pedal stroke into a testament of perseverance.

Scenic Danube Beauty:

As we cycled along the Danube, the landscape unfolded in a breathtaking panorama. The hills on either side framed the river, and the waterway was dotted with majestic cruise ships. The serenity of the Danube added a touch of tranquility to the physical challenge we faced, creating a harmonious blend of effort and beauty.

Reunion with Josef and Lisa:

Our destination for the day was Melk, where Josef and Lisa awaited our arrival. Having met them previously on the Danube cycling route, the prospect of reuniting with familiar faces added a sense of warmth to the journey. Josef and Lisa had taken the train from Linz to Melk and generously offered us a place to stay when we reached the town.

A Vegan Feast and Genuine Hospitality:

Upon reaching Melk, we were greeted by Josef and Lisa, who went above and beyond to make us feel welcome. The evening unfolded with a delightful vegan meal prepared by our gracious hosts. Their kindness and welcoming demeanor created an atmosphere of genuine hospitality, making us feel right at home.

Above and Beyond:

Josef and Lisa’s generosity extended beyond mere hospitality; they embodied the spirit of camaraderie that defines the cycling community. Their willingness to open their home to fellow cyclists, especially under the circumstances of our single-gear challenge, demonstrated the extraordinary connections forged on the road.

Reflections on Day 46:

Day 46 became a testament to the resilience required on a long-distance cycling journey. Overcoming the single-gear challenge was not just a physical feat but a symbol of adaptability and determination. Reuniting with Josef and Lisa in Melk added a heartwarming dimension to the day, emphasizing the sense of community that flourishes among cyclists.


Cycling from Rotterdam to Romania is not merely a series of kilometers covered; it’s a tapestry woven with the threads of challenges, triumphs, and the bonds formed along the way. Day 46, with its single-gear triumph and the warm embrace of Josef and Lisa in Melk, stands as a poignant chapter in our odyssey. The cycling community’s spirit of generosity and camaraderie, exemplified by Josef and Lisa, continues to shape the narrative of our journey, proving that the road is not just a route; it’s a pathway to meaningful connections and shared experiences.

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