Sharm El-Sheikh Egypt

Welcome to Sharm El Sheikh, Resort Central, and what a great place to start the Journey through Egypt. Sharm is a pleasant Town in the South of the Sinai region, full of Beautiful Resorts, Fancy Restaurants and with the Red Sea a few steps away, it’s an incredible place to visit.

I’ve never been keen on Resorts but for £31 a night to stay at the Sharm Dreams Resort which includes 7 pools, access to a private beach, as well as entry to a water park 💦 , I think that’s pretty good.

You can find anything you need here, there are plenty of shops, cafés, and restaurants to cater to your desires, and as it’s a hub for Tourism there are lots of Excursions and Tours that can be taken from here. There are plenty of things to keep you busy from Snorkeling and Diving, Quad Biking, Hiking, Camel Rides 🐫 , Stargazing 🌟….there’s something for everyone.

Decided to spend most of the time exploring the Amazing Underwater World of the Red Sea, with easy access straight off the Beach 🏖, and Amazing Coral and Beautiful Marine Life 🐠 to Explore we didn’t feel the need for Excursions or Tours.

There is soo much to Sharm El Sheikh that I’ve not seen yet, may do a second visit and post at a later date 🤔

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  1. Sofiya says:

    Superb site, plenty of simple but updated information on where to go , what to do, and little hidden gems.
    Do you do group tours, thinking of bringing family and relatives for a surprise holiday.

    1. Thanks Sofiya & Asan, hope you guy’s are well, defo do a group tour for you guy’s, come on over! 😀🏝🛩

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