The Journey to Egypt

The first Chapter of this Career Break was supposed to begin with a Flight from Manchester to Venice, followed by a second flight to Sharm El-Sheikh, but there was a little hiccup along the way πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

The Alarm ⏰ went off at silly O’Clock aka 3am πŸ’€, after 3 hours of sleep it was time to get ready and get to the Airport, after the months of talking about and planning the trip, it was finally time βŒ›οΈ to hit the Road πŸ›£ and see where it takes us πŸ€”

Got a lift to the Airport from the family and arrived with plenty of time, even had time ⌚ to pop into Nero for a drink and to say some goodbyes, everything was on schedule and going to plan. (If you’re reading thanls for the lift at silly o’clock guys, really appreciate it πŸ˜€), before long we were in Venice.

After spending the day getting lost in the MazeΒ  that is Venice and neglecting the backpackers budget, towards the end of the day we headed to the Marco Polo airport and was at the check-in desk for 00.00 for a 8am flight to Sharm El-Sheikh, surely nothing can go wrong now, so it was time to catch up on some much needed sleep while waiting.

Woke up at 5.30am , got ready, sorted the bags, and wondered to the check-in desk around 6.30, to our horror we’d some how got the times wrong and we’d missed the flight 😳 🀦🏻 what we somehow registered in mind as a 8am flight was a 7am flight, a bit of an embarrassing story and a steep learning curve, but better to learn fast, and time can’t be turned back yet πŸ˜‚, we got the next flight out of Venice via Istanbul and made sure we didn’t take our eyes πŸ‘€ off the board this time, we finally arrived to Sharm El-Sheikh at around midnight. We’d finally got to the first destination on our Career Break Adventure!

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