Scenic Horizons and International Bonds: Cycling from Rotterdam to Romania – Day 42


On the 42nd day of our cycling adventure from Rotterdam to Romania, the journey unfolded along the Austrian section of the Danube. Departing from the German/Austrian border, the day embraced the beauty of Austrian landscapes, serendipitous encounters with fellow cyclists, and culminated in a scenic camping spot at Donauleiten.

Starting at the German/Austrian Border:

As the wheels turned on Day 42, we left the German/Austrian border behind, embarking on a new stretch of the Danube cycling path. The transition from one country to another added an air of anticipation, with the Austrian landscapes beckoning us to explore further.

Meeting Fellow Cyclists:

Cycling along the Austrian Danube proved to be not only a visual feast but also an opportunity to connect with fellow travelers. Serendipity played its part as we encountered cyclists from Canada and the United States. Exchanging stories, tips, and the joy of the road, these chance meetings added a touch of international camaraderie to our day.

Scenic Riding Through Austrian Landscapes:

The Austrian section of the Danube revealed itself in all its scenic glory. Lush greenery, rolling hills, and the gentle flow of the river created a mesmerizing backdrop. The cycling path meandered through quaint villages, offering a glimpse into the rural charm of Austria. Each pedal stroke was a testament to the diverse beauty this part of the world had to offer.

Camping at Donauleiten:

As the day unfolded, we discovered a truly scenic camping spot at Donauleiten. Nestled in nature’s embrace, this picturesque location offered a panoramic view of the Danube and the surrounding landscapes. The tranquility of the camping spot enhanced the sense of connection to the natural world, making it a fitting place to conclude our day’s journey.

Reflections on Day 42:

Day 42 encapsulated the essence of exploration and shared experiences. From the charming Austrian landscapes to the camaraderie with fellow cyclists, the day unfolded as a harmonious blend of adventure and connection. The beauty of the Danube’s Austrian stretch and the serenity of Donauleiten left a lasting impression, reminding us of the richness embedded in every pedal of our journey.


Cycling from the German/Austrian border to Donauleiten on Day 42 illuminated the enchanting landscapes of Austria and the universal language spoken by fellow travelers on the road. The international bonds forged and the scenic beauty experienced along the Danube served as poignant reminders of the diverse and interconnected nature of our cycling adventure.

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