Harmonizing with Linz’s Scenic Symphony: Cycling from Rotterdam to Romania – Day 43


On Day 43 of our cycling expedition from Rotterdam to Romania, the journey led us on a scenic ride into the vibrant city of Linz. Exploring the city, meeting our Warm Showers host Daniel, and indulging in the delightful company of Mozart’s balls chocolates created a harmonious blend of exploration and connection.

Scenic Ride into Linz:

The day commenced with a picturesque ride from Donauleiten into Linz. The Danube, an ever-present companion, guided us as we pedaled through enchanting landscapes. Lush greenery, the gentle flow of the river, and the promise of urban exploration painted the backdrop for our approach to Linz.

Exploring Linz:

Upon reaching Linz, we took the opportunity to briefly explore the city’s unique charm. Linz, with its fusion of historic architecture and modern vibrancy, offered a captivating canvas for exploration. Quaint streets, cultural landmarks, and the inviting ambiance of Linz became the setting for the day’s adventures.

Meeting Daniel, Our Warm Showers Host:

Our day took an unexpected turn for the better when we connected with Daniel, our Warm Showers host in Linz. As fellow cycling enthusiasts, we discovered a shared passion for the road and the unique experiences it unfolds. Daniel’s warm welcome added a personal touch to our stay in Linz, turning a simple stop into a memorable encounter.

Sharing Stories Over Mozart’s Balls Chocolates:

The evening unfolded in the company of Mozart’s balls chocolates—a sweet indulgence that mirrored the cultural richness of Linz. As we sat with Daniel, the chocolate delicacies became a backdrop for the exchange of stories, experiences, and laughter. The universal language of shared adventures connected us, making the evening a delightful symphony of camaraderie.

Reflections on Day 43:

Day 43 emerged as a testament to the unexpected joys that cycling adventures bring. From the scenic ride into Linz to the serendipitous connection with Daniel, the day unfolded with a perfect blend of exploration and personal connection. The city’s allure, coupled with the warmth of shared stories, etched Linz into our memories as a special waypoint on our journey.


Cycling from Donauleiten into Linz on Day 43 became more than a transit point—it became a day of shared experiences and meaningful connections. The scenic beauty of the ride, the exploration of Linz, and the warmth of Daniel’s hospitality created a symphony of moments, reminding us that the true richness of our journey lies in the people we meet and the stories we share along the way.

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