Transitioning Borders: Cycling from Rotterdam to Romania – Day 41


On Day 41 of our cycling journey from Rotterdam to Romania, the adventure took a decisive turn as we bid farewell to Germany and embraced the scenic landscapes of Austria. Departing from Passau after a leisurely morning, the day unfolded with discussions about the weather, a visit to Decathlon for cold weather gear, a pit stop at McDonald’s, and finally, the crossing of borders into Austria.

Leisurely Morning and Weather Discussions:

The day began with a leisurely morning in Passau, allowing us to savor the unique charm of the city one last time. As we prepared to depart, discussions centered around the weather, a crucial factor in shaping our cycling plans. The changing seasons prompted a visit to Decathlon to acquire the necessary cold weather gear, ensuring we were well-prepared for the upcoming leg of our journey.

Fueling Up with McDonald’s:

With weather-appropriate gear in tow, we fueled up with a quick stop at McDonald’s for lunch. The familiar taste of comfort food provided the energy needed for the road ahead. McDonald’s golden arches served as a familiar landmark in a new setting, marking our transition into the next phase of our cycling adventure.

Exploring Passau’s Three Rivers Meeting Point:

Before officially departing from Passau, we took the opportunity to explore the city’s iconic Three Rivers Meeting Point. The confluence of the Danube, Inn, and Ilz rivers created a mesmerizing spectacle. The unique geography of Passau served as a fitting farewell backdrop as we left the city behind.

Crossing Borders into Austria:

Leaving Passau, we crossed the border into Austria, marking a symbolic and tangible transition in our journey. The landscapes changed subtly, welcoming us to the beauty of the Austrian countryside. The seamless blend of forests, hills, and rivers accompanied us as we pedaled deeper into this new chapter of our adventure.

Batch Cooking and Camping in Austria:

As the day drew to a close, we found a picturesque spot near the border, where we decided to do a batch cook. The simplicity of outdoor cooking amidst the natural surroundings became a cherished routine. With our evening meal prepared, we set up camp for the night, immersed in the tranquility of the Austrian landscape.

Reflections on Day 41:

Day 41 marked a significant chapter in our cycling expedition—a transition from Germany to Austria. The day’s activities, from weather considerations to border crossings, highlighted the adaptability and planning integral to long-distance cycling. As we camped under the Austrian skies, the anticipation of new adventures lingered in the air.


Cycling from Passau into Austria on Day 41 encapsulated the essence of border-crossing excitement and the strategic planning required for changing weather conditions. With Germany behind us and Austria ahead, the cycling adventure continued, promising fresh experiences and the unveiling of landscapes unique to this new chapter of our journey.

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