Riverside Charms and Urban Exploration: Cycling from Rotterdam to Romania – Day 37


Day 37 of our cycling adventure brought us from the outskirts of Regensburg into the heart of the city itself. Exploring the rich history, cultural gems, and modern attractions, we embraced the vibrant ambiance of Regensburg before finding a tranquil spot on the city’s outskirts to camp.

Morning Transition into Regensburg:

As the morning sun cast its golden rays, we pedaled from our campsite just outside Regensburg, eagerly anticipating the day’s urban exploration. The transition from open landscapes to the city’s bustle marked a dynamic shift in the scenery.

Discovering Regensburg’s Cultural Tapestry:

Regensburg, a city boasting a UNESCO World Heritage Site status, opened its doors to us. The majestic Regensburg Cathedral stood as a sentinel, inviting us to delve into centuries of history. Cycling through cobblestone streets, we admired medieval architecture that narrated tales of the city’s rich past.

Cycling Tour Through the City:

The wheels spun as we embarked on a cycling tour, absorbing the city’s lively atmosphere. Regensburg’s charm lay not only in its historical landmarks but also in the blend of modernity and tradition. Riverside paths, bustling squares, and hidden alleyways offered a kaleidoscope of experiences.

Engaging with Climate Change Awareness:

In a bid to enrich our understanding of global issues, we visited the Um:welt interactive climate change museum. The exhibits provided a thought-provoking journey into environmental awareness, aligning with the sustainable spirit of our cycling adventure.

Chilled Out Vibes and Cathedral Views:

Regensburg’s inviting ambiance encouraged us to unwind and absorb its chilled-out vibes. A leisurely visit to a local cafĂ© allowed us to savor the city’s culinary offerings and people-watch. The backdrop of the cathedral and the cityscape added to the charm of our day.

Camping on the Outskirts:

As evening approached, we cycled to the outskirts of the city, seeking a peaceful spot to set up camp. Surrounded by the soft sounds of nature and the distant hum of city life, we settled in, reflecting on the day’s explorations.

Reflections on Day 37:

Day 37 was a tapestry woven with the threads of urban exploration, cultural immersion, and environmental awareness. Regensburg’s unique blend of historical significance and contemporary vibrancy left an indelible mark on our journey. As we camped on the outskirts, the echoes of the day lingered, promising more adventures in the days to come.


Day 37 transitioned seamlessly from the outskirts of Regensburg to the heart of the city, offering a diverse palette of experiences. From cathedral views to climate change engagement, our cycling adventure continued to evolve, inviting us to embrace the richness of each destination along the way.

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