Heritage Along the Danube: Cycling from Rotterdam to Romania – Day 36


Embarking on Day 36 of our cycling odyssey from Rotterdam to Romania, the journey led us from the outskirts of Kelheim to the historic outskirts of Regensburg. This leg of the adventure unfolded along the Danube, offering a scenic ride through cultural treasures and picturesque landscapes.

Morning by the Danube:

The day began with the morning sun casting a warm glow on the banks of the Danube. Departing from our campsite just outside Kelheim, we cycled along the river, absorbing the tranquil energy of the waterway that had become an inseparable part of our journey.

Kelheim’s Cultural Riches:

As we left Kelheim, we couldn’t resist exploring its cultural riches. The town, steeped in history, revealed architectural wonders and historical sites. Kelheim’s charm lay not only in its medieval structures but also in the vibrant stories that echoed through its streets.

Cycling Through Riverside Splendor:

Pedaling alongside the Danube, we marveled at the picturesque landscapes that unfolded with each turn of the wheel. Riverside splendor greeted us, with lush greenery, expansive meadows, and the occasional glimpse of charming villages that punctuated the route.

Historic Encounters in Regensburg:

Approaching Regensburg, the allure of its rich history drew us in. The city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, unfolded with medieval charm, boasting iconic structures such as the Stone Bridge and the Regensburg Cathedral. Cycling through its cobblestone streets, we immersed ourselves in the architectural tapestry that spoke of centuries past.

Campsite on the Outskirts:

Choosing a campsite on the outskirts of Regensburg, we found a tranquil spot to set up camp. Surrounded by nature and the remnants of the day’s sunlight, we prepared for a restful night, eager to explore more of Regensburg’s cultural treasures on the following day.

Reflections on Day 36:

Day 36 exemplified the richness of our cycling adventure. From the cultural allure of Kelheim to the historic grandeur of Regensburg, every pedal stroke was a testament to the diversity that unfolded along the Danube. As we settled into our campsite on the outskirts of Regensburg, the anticipation of further explorations added an extra layer of excitement to our ongoing quest.


Day 36, spanning from just outside Kelheim to the outskirts of Regensburg, encapsulated the essence of our cycling adventure—a harmonious blend of natural beauty, cultural exploration, and the joy of discovery. With the Danube as our guide, we looked forward to the continued unfolding of the captivating journey from Rotterdam to Romania.

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