Dahab Town & Laguna Beach 🏖

Just a 2 hour bus ride North from Sharm El-Sheikh lies the Town of Dahab, a very Quirky, Chilled & Hip hub for backpackers is how I’d describe it and quite the contrast to the resort town of Sharm.

Getting off the bus in Dahab and walking through the town with a big backpack I felt a sense of ease with lots of other backpackers roaming around. The town is full of shops and restaurants with fun names like Ali Babas, Aladins, Same Same to name a few.

Overlooking the town there are sandy mountains and of course the Red Sea is always a few steps away, full of diverse coral and marine life there is lots that is yet to be explored.

After checking in to a room, headed to Laguna Beach, a nice 30 min stroll away, it lies on the edge of town. Lagoona beach is a very buzzing active beach full of kite surfers, bedouins offering horse and camel rides, lots of locals selling fruit off their bicycles, and of course some people snorkeling in the sea 🌊. After spending some time snorkelling in here, it isn’t the best spot for snorkeling with the kite surfers 🏄 whizzing past at dizzying speeds and the wild winds on this stretch of beach. There is coral and marine life but with the wind surfers around the sand gets kicked up from the seabed and the visibility drops. But not too worry there are plenty of Amazing snorkeling options around Dahab so stay tuned 😀,

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