Gears in Motion: Cycling from Rotterdam to Romania – Day 53


Day 53 of our cycling adventure from Rotterdam to Romania marked a rejuvenating chapter as we bid farewell to Vienna and embraced the scenic stretch along the Danube. A short cycling day, filled with the joy of cycling with fully functional gears, unfolded along the riverbanks, leading us to a picturesque camping spot in Scharndorf.

Morning Ride along the Danube:

The day kicked off with a leisurely morning ride along the island in the Danube within Vienna. The tranquil waters of the river accompanied us as we pedaled, soaking in the beauty of the surroundings. The air was filled with the promise of a day filled with relaxed cycling and scenic wonders.

Scenic Stretch and Cooking Break:

The route offered a scenic stretch along the Danube, where we reveled in the joy of cycling with fully operational gears. The smooth transitions and increased efficiency added a new level of comfort to our journey. At a picturesque spot along the route, we took a break to cook a nourishing meal, enjoying the simple pleasure of preparing food amidst nature’s beauty.

Camping in Scharndorf:

As the day unfolded, we continued our journey and reached the charming town of Scharndorf. Nestled along the Danube, Scharndorf provided a perfect setting for our campsite. Choosing a serene spot, we set up camp, surrounded by the peaceful ambiance of the riverbanks. The evening sun cast a warm glow, creating a tranquil atmosphere for a well-deserved rest.

The Joy of Cycling with Gears:

One of the highlights of the day was the sheer joy of cycling with fully functioning gears. The smooth transitions, increased speed, and enhanced control rekindled the sense of freedom that comes with a well-maintained bike. The newfound efficiency brought a renewed enthusiasm to our journey, making each pedal stroke a seamless dance with the road.

Reflections on Day 53:

Day 53, with its short cycling distance, scenic beauty, and the joy of smoothly functioning gears, became a revitalizing interlude in our cycling adventure. The simplicity of cooking along the Danube and camping in the embrace of nature reaffirmed the essence of the journey—finding joy in the journey itself.


Cycling from Rotterdam to Romania is a tapestry woven with diverse experiences. Day 53, with its scenic ride along the Danube, the joy of cycling with gears, and the tranquil camping spot in Scharndorf, added a new layer to the narrative of our adventure. As we continued to pedal forward, the journey unfolded with a sense of renewed energy and appreciation for the simple pleasures of the road.

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