The Festival of Thaipusam Penang, Malaysia

Thaipusam is a Hindu festival that lasts 3 days, it involves a huge colorful procession, where devotees perform various forms of sacrifices including piercing silver pins through their cheeks and tongue and pricking the body with hooks and spear-like needles as a for of sacrifice, hymns are chanted as the procession progresses between various temples, the event last 3 days. Their is a huge buzz in the air as the streets are packed with people following the procession through the City, lots of street food of varing types is available along the way to keep everyone fuelled.

Some of the acts performed by the devotees look pretty painful 😬,  lots of people follow along barefoot. Chariots of varying designs are pulled through the streets amongst the crowds of people,  lots of which are pulled by cows.

It is believed  Devas or celestial beings at one time were so plagued by asura, or demons, that they pleaded with Lord Siva, to help them. Touched by their pleas, Lord Siva sent his son Subramaniam to conquer the asuras. After accomplishing this task, the victorious Subramaniam was believed to have appeared before his devotees. Thaipusam commemorates Lord Subramaniam.

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