Riverbanks and Sunsets: Cycling from Rotterdam to Romania – Day 30


As the wheels turned on Day 30 of our cycling expedition from Rotterdam to Romania, the journey unfolded from just outside Höchstädt to the outskirts of Donauwörth. Enveloped in the tranquility of rural Germany, this leg of our adventure wove together the charm of riverbanks, scenic landscapes, and the serenity of the open road.

Leaving Höchstädt:

The day began with a leisurely departure from our camp just outside Höchstädt. The morning air carried the promise of another day of exploration, and as we pedaled away, the vibrant hues of the German countryside unfurled before us.

Following the Danube:

Our route for the day traced the course of the majestic Danube River, a constant companion and guide on our journey. Cycling along its banks offered a serene backdrop of rippling waters, meandering pathways, and the occasional glimpse of quaint villages nestled against the scenic panorama.

Scenic Pitstops and Local Discoveries:

The day unfolded with scenic pitstops that beckoned us to pause and immerse ourselves in the beauty of the surroundings. From charming riverside cafes to hidden trails leading to panoramic viewpoints, each discovery along the route added depth to our experience and connected us with the heartbeat of the landscape.

Camping Along the Danube:

As the sun began its descent, casting a warm glow over the riverbanks, we found a secluded spot just outside of Donauwörth to set up camp. The gentle murmur of the Danube and the fading hues of daylight painted a tranquil scene, creating the perfect backdrop for an evening of reflection and relaxation.

Sunset Magic:

Camping along the Danube offered the magical spectacle of a sunset reflecting off the river’s surface. The day concluded with the symphony of colors in the sky, casting a tranquil ambiance over our campsite and leaving us in awe of the beauty that nature generously bestowed upon our journey.


Day 30, from just outside Höchstädt to the outskirts of Donauwörth, unfolded as a testament to the simple joys of a cycling adventure. Along the Danube’s gentle flow, we immersed ourselves in the rustic beauty of rural Germany, relishing the scenic landscapes and the tranquil moments that marked another chapter in our quest from Rotterdam to Romania.

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