Cycling in Northern Thailand: Day 7 – Climbing out of Wat Chan on the Road to Pai, Hot Springs, Buffalo’s, and Thai Showers

After spending the night at the Pine Forest Camp site in Wat Chan, we got some breakfast from the onsite restaurant and met the cute local pug that had a gold chain around its neck, before getting back on the road.

The day turned out to be a pleasant one with some great views of Northern Thailand’s countryside, we met lots of Buffalo 🐃along the way just wondering along country roads. There were a few downpours but we’re in the tropics and we had ponchos.

One of the highlights was getting to the Mueang Rae Pai Geyser and Hot Spring ♨️. You can feel the intense heat coming off it from a distance along with the smell of sulphur and a fountain of hot water coming out of the ground, it’s quite a small geyser but it’s pretty impressive. The geyser is located next to a small shop where a lady sells eggs that you can boil in the geyser as well as drinks and snacks. It turned out to be perfect timing to get there, as soon as we got into the shop there was a huge down pour which we waited out for around half an hour. The lady also had a cat and some super cute kittens 🐱, the kittens were tiny and very energetic they were jumping on the takes, trying to climb trees, chasing each other around. They kept us entertained and before we knew it the rain had settled and it was time to hit the road again.

We continued along the road heading for Pai, topped up on snacks along the way, shortly after leaving the Geyser the road had startee to go uphill, we pedalled the bikes and gear up the hills for about 3 hours, some sections were steeper than others. When it started to get a little dark, we managed to find the perfect wild camping spot on a flat patch near the top of the hills leading to Pai.

The plan had been to get to Pai and have dinner at one of the many restaurants on route, but in the last 6 hours we’d not come across any restaurants so we made a meal out of our snacks, pitched the tent, chained the bikes to a post on the side of the road, watched the glow from the sunset behind some trees in the distance and hit the deck 💤💤💤.

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