A Day of Resilience and Kindness: Cycling from Rotterdam to Romania – Day 47


Day 47 of our cycling adventure from Rotterdam to Romania proved to be a day of resilience, kindness, and the unwavering support of fellow cyclists. Faced with the ongoing challenge of a single gear and the need for a specific bike part, Josef and Lisa, our generous hosts in Melk, went above and beyond to assist us in resolving the mechanical issue.

Morning Mission with Josef:

The day began with Josef accompanying me to several bike shops in Melk in the hope of finding the elusive hanger needed to repair my bike. While the shops didn’t have the required part, Josef’s unwavering support and efforts were a testament to the camaraderie within the cycling community.

Generosity of Josef and Lisa:

Josef and Lisa extended their hospitality by preparing fresh bread for our breakfast. To further express their kindness, they took us to a local restaurant for lunch, providing a sense of warmth and camaraderie. Their support went beyond mere accommodation, exemplifying the true spirit of cycling fellowship.

On the Road to Krems:

Despite the setback in finding the hanger, Josef and Lisa cycled with us to the point where we rejoined the Danube route. The picturesque journey unfolded with vineyards and apricot farms dotting the landscape. The scenery, though breathtaking, posed a unique challenge as I continued to navigate with only one gear, highlighting the significance of adaptability on the road.

Local Flavors and Challenges:

As we pedaled through the stunning surroundings, we seized the opportunity to purchase local marmalade, adding a flavorful touch to our journey. The undulating hills along the route, coupled with the weight of the gear, created a physical challenge that was met with determination and a sense of adventure.

Krems Bike Shop Quest:

Upon reaching Krems, the quest for the elusive hanger continued. Despite visiting a local bike shop in the hopes of securing the necessary part, luck was not on our side. As night fell, we found a serene spot just outside town to set up camp, embracing the flexibility and spontaneity that define a cycling adventure.

Reflections on Day 47:

Day 47 unfolded as a testament to the challenges inherent in long-distance cycling and the profound kindness found within the cycling community. The generosity of Josef and Lisa, coupled with the determination to resolve mechanical setbacks, highlighted the interconnectedness of fellow adventurers on the road.


Cycling from Rotterdam to Romania is not a solitary endeavor but a shared experience shaped by the landscapes, challenges, and the bonds forged along the way. Day 47, marked by the resilience in the face of mechanical challenges and the kindness of fellow cyclists, embodies the essence of this transformative journey. The road may present obstacles, but it is the support and camaraderie of the cycling community that turn challenges into opportunities for growth and connection.

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