Cycling Adventure from Rotterdam to Romania: Day Ten – Koblenz to Bingen, A Day of Exploration and Scenic Views

On the tenth day of our remarkable cycling journey from Rotterdam to Romania, we embarked on a delightful route from Koblenz to Bingen. The day was marked by exploration, shopping for essentials, and scenic moments along the beautiful Rhine River.

Exploring Koblenz:
Our day began with a leisurely ride through the historic city of Koblenz. We explored the charming streets, admiring the well-preserved architecture and soaking in the city’s rich history. It was a delightful way to start the day, immersing ourselves in the culture of this lovely German town.

Decathlon Pitstop:
During our ride, we made a pitstop at Decathlon, where we faced a minor setback – a lost black clip for one of our panniers. To ensure our gear stayed secure, we decided to swap the pannier for a new one, making the best of the situation.

Aldi Shopping:
With our cycling gear sorted, we headed to Aldi for a major shopping haul. Restocking on supplies was essential for the journey ahead, and Aldi’s well-stocked aisles provided us with everything we needed for the road.

Picnic Bench by the Rhine:
As we continued along the Rhine, we stumbled upon a hidden gem – a picturesque picnic bench in a scenic spot by the river near Bingen. The area was perfect for a break, complete with a wooden swing to enjoy the serene views of the Rhine.

Ferry Crossing in Bingen:
Our journey took an interesting turn as we crossed the Rhine River on a ferry in Bingen. It added an extra layer of adventure to our day and allowed us to experience the river from a different perspective.

Cycling to a Quiet Campsite:
As the day progressed, we cycled along the Rhine, reveling in the breathtaking scenery. We eventually reached a tranquil camping spot, far from the hustle and bustle of city life. The quietude of the area provided the perfect backdrop for setting up camp and enjoying a peaceful evening by the river.

Day ten of our cycling odyssey was a mix of exploration, shopping, and scenic moments along the Rhine River. From the charming streets of Koblenz to the serene picnic bench by the river and the ferry crossing in Bingen, the day was filled with unique experiences. As we settled into our quiet campsite, we were grateful for the beauty of the Rhine and the camaraderie of our journey from Rotterdam to Romania.

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