An Unexpected Pause and a Night on the Outskirts: Cycling from Rotterdam to Romania – Day 28


Day 28 of our cycling odyssey from Rotterdam to Romania brought us from Ulm to the outskirts of the city, weaving a tale of unexpected turns, gracious hospitality, and the pursuit of a elusive solar panel.

Grateful Departure from Mohsen’s Home:

Our day commenced with a grateful departure from Mohsen’s home. His kindness extended to providing us with the key, allowing us to let ourselves out and continue our journey at our own pace. With memories of shared stories and Iranian tea lingering, we set off to explore the day ahead.

Decathlon Quest and an Absent Solar Panel:

A mission to Decathlon was next on the agenda. Hoping to secure a solar panel, we embarked on a slow ride to the store, only to find disappointment as they did not stock the elusive item. Undeterred, we embraced the unpredictability of the journey and decided to make the most of our time in Ulm.

Cooking, Organizing, and a City Stroll:

Back at our camping spot, we indulged in some cooking and organized our bags, using the day’s slow start as an opportunity to catch up on chores. Eager to explore Ulm further, we meandered through the city, taking in its sights, sounds, and cultural nuances.

Camping on the Outskirts:

As the day unfolded, we eventually made our way to the outskirts of Ulm. Seeking a quiet spot to camp, we found a peaceful haven under the open sky. The decision to camp on the outskirts reflected the freedom and spontaneity that define the essence of a cycling adventure.


Day 28 was a chapter of adaptability and unexpected turns. From a futile search for a solar panel to a leisurely exploration of Ulm, the day unfolded with its own rhythm. Camping on the outskirts of the city encapsulated the essence of our cycling adventure—a journey guided by the winds of spontaneity, resilience, and the joy of the open road.

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