A Day of Rest, Encounters, and Hospitality: Cycling from Rotterdam to Romania – Day 27


Day 27 of our cycling adventure from Rotterdam to Romania unfolded as a day of serenity and unexpected connections. Pedaling from just outside Blaubeuren to Ulm, we embraced a shorter day to indulge in a batch cook, let our camping gear dry, and take in the stunning views before an unexpected encounter led us to Mohsen, a warm showers host, transforming our evening into a memorable exchange of stories, culture, and camaraderie.

A Slow Start and a Scenic Spot:

The day began with a leisurely ride from our campsite just outside Blaubeuren. Recognizing the need for a break, we opted for a shorter day, allowing us to catch our breath and rejuvenate. We stumbled upon a beautiful spot with incredible views, complete with a bench that beckoned us to linger a while longer.

Batch Cooking and Gear Drying:

Taking advantage of the leisurely day, we spent a good few hours engaging in a batch cook, savoring the simplicity of preparing meals in the great outdoors. With our camping gear soaked from condensation, we strategically left it out to dry under the warmth of the sun, hoping for a fresh start on the road ahead.

Connecting with Fellow Bikepackers:

As we relaxed on the bench, a chance encounter unfolded into a meaningful connection with two fellow bikepackers who had previously undertaken the same journey. Their shared tips and experiences enriched our own adventure, highlighting the camaraderie embedded in the bikepacking community.

Unexpected Hospitality in Ulm:

Arriving in Ulm, we initially sought a solar panel, only to find stores closed due to it being a Sunday. Undeterred, we decided to take our time and explore the city, with the prospect of visiting Decathlon the next day. With plans to camp, we messaged potential hosts on Warm Showers, and to our delight, Mohsen graciously accepted our last-minute request.

An Evening of Stories and Iranian Tea:

Our evening with Mohsen unfolded as a tapestry of shared experiences. Over Iranian tea, we swapped bikepacking tales, relishing the warmth of a host who made us feel right at home. Mohsen’s hospitality extended to a refreshing hot shower, laundry facilities, and an evening filled with laughter and meaningful conversation.


Day 27 emerged as a day of rest, encounters, and unexpected hospitality. From the scenic stretch outside Blaubeuren to the unexpected camaraderie with fellow bikepackers and the gracious hospitality of Mohsen in Ulm, the day embodied the spirit of exploration and connection that defines our cycling adventure from Rotterdam to Romania.

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