A Rural Symphony: Cycling from Rotterdam to Romania – Day 29


Day 29 of our cycling expedition from Rotterdam to Romania ushered us from the urban charms of Ulm to the tranquil outskirts near Höchstädt, Germany. Embracing the gentle cadence of rural landscapes, this leg of our journey unfolded as a symphony of open roads, quaint villages, and the unspoken beauty of the German countryside.

Departure from Ulm:

The day commenced with a fresh start from Ulm, bidding farewell to the urban bustle and venturing once again into the serene expanse of the countryside. As the wheels turned, the city gradually faded into the horizon, making way for the rustic beauty that lay ahead.

Open Roads and Countryside Charm:

The roads leading from Ulm to Höchstädt unfolded as a picturesque canvas painted with the hues of the changing countryside. Quaint villages dotted the route, each with its own unique charm, offering a glimpse into the quiet lives nestled amidst the rolling hills and expansive fields.

Local Encounters and Hidden Gems:

Cycling through the German countryside provided ample opportunities for delightful encounters with locals. The warmth of the small communities and the simple exchanges with residents enriched our journey. Hidden gems, from charming cafes to tucked-away viewpoints, revealed themselves along the way, inviting us to pause and savor the unexplored.

Scenic Pitstops and Refreshing Breaks:

The route allowed for scenic pitstops, where we could pause to appreciate the beauty of the surroundings. Whether it was a babbling brook, a carpet of wildflowers, or a cluster of ancient trees, each break offered a chance to connect with the natural rhythm of the landscape and rejuvenate for the road ahead.

Camping on the Outskirts of Höchstädt:

As the day unfolded, we found a tranquil spot just outside Höchstädt to set up camp. The quietude of the countryside enveloped us, providing a stark contrast to the urban pulse we had left behind in Ulm. Camping beneath the open sky, surrounded by the whispers of nature, marked the perfect conclusion to Day 29 of our cycling adventure.


Day 29 epitomized the essence of a cycling adventure—a rhythmic journey through diverse landscapes, encounters with the soulful charm of local communities, and the simple joy of discovering hidden treasures along the way. As we pedaled from Ulm to just outside Höchstädt, Germany, the day unfolded as a rural symphony, each note resonating with the untold beauty of the open road and the unexplored corners of the German countryside.

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