Unexpected Halt and Healing: Cycling from Rotterdam to Romania – Days 31-33


Days 31-33 of our cycling journey from Rotterdam to Romania unfolded with unexpected challenges, a sudden tumble, and a well-deserved pause as we traveled from Donauwörth to Rain. What started as a day of good weather and progress towards Ingolstadt took an unforeseen turn, reminding us of the unpredictability of the road.

A Promising Start:

The day commenced on a positive note, with favorable weather and a promising ride towards Ingolstadt. Making good progress, we approached the town of Rain earlier than anticipated, setting the stage for an unexpected twist in our journey.

The Unforeseen Descent:

As we navigated down a sizable hill, the terrain beneath us shifted abruptly from smooth tarmac to a rocky dirt track. The loaded bike, responding to the change, rapidly slipped away from control. In a matter of seconds, the bike skidded across the dirt, sliding a few feet into a nearby field. In an attempt to regain control, I found myself on the dirt, clothes torn, and my knees, elbows, and hands showing signs of grazing and bruising.

Community Compassion:

In the aftermath of the spill, passersby, showing genuine concern, stopped to offer assistance. Their willingness to help was heartening, and though the injuries were thankfully minor, the empathy displayed by strangers added a comforting touch to the unforeseen situation.

A Necessary Retreat:

Assessing the situation, we decided to find nearby accommodations. A hotel in the vicinity welcomed us, allowing an early check-in that spared us from lingering in discomfort. Over the next three days, we took refuge in the apartment, recognizing the importance of rest and recovery.

Rest and Reflection:

Though the initial instinct was to push forward and reach Ingolstadt, the enforced break became a blessing in disguise. The downtime allowed for proper healing of the wounds and the restoration of physical well-being. In hindsight, the decision to pause and recover proved to be the right choice, emphasizing the significance of prioritizing health on a challenging cycling journey.


Days 31-33, marked by an unexpected tumble and a necessary pause, served as a poignant reminder of the unpredictable nature of long-distance cycling. The support of compassionate strangers and the wisdom to take a break when needed highlighted the resilient spirit required to navigate the highs and lows of a cycling adventure from Rotterdam to Romania.

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