Transitioning from the Black Forest: Cycling to the Danube – Day 19


Day 19 of our cycling voyage from Rotterdam to Romania saw us journeying from Schramberg to near Monchweiler. It marked our transition away from the captivating Black Forest, as we set our sights on the route leading towards the scenic Danube River.

Transitioning Landscapes:

The day’s cycling venture was a bittersweet farewell to the picturesque Black Forest. As we cycled, we relished the final sections of this enchanting landscape, bidding adieu to the towering trees, peaceful pathways, and the quiet beauty that had defined our experience in this majestic forest.

Toward the Danube:

Leaving the Black Forest behind, our route now directed us towards the winding course of the Danube River. The transition from the forest to the anticipated riverine landscapes infused our journey with an air of anticipation and new beginnings.

Enjoying the Ride:

The cycling experience through these changing landscapes was marked by a mix of reflection on the memories created in the Black Forest and the excitement of exploring new terrains along the Danube. The ride, although not as heavily forested, offered different vistas and a change in scenery that rejuvenated our spirits.


Day 19 was a transition day, marking our departure from the captivating embrace of the Black Forest. As we bid farewell to its enchanting beauty, the journey toward the Danube River introduced a new chapter in our cycling adventure. The day was a blend of reminiscence and anticipation, signifying the dynamic nature of our expedition from Rotterdam to Romania.

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