A Day of Rest, Nature’s Connection, and Twilight Resettlement – Day 18


Day 18 of our cycling expedition from Rotterdam to Romania took us from Schiltach to near Schramberg. It was intended as a restful day in the forest, only to transition into an unexpected and eventful evening, culminating in an open field sunset spectacle.

A Day of Retreat in Nature’s Embrace:

Initially planned as a restful interlude, we indulged in a relaxed day amidst the forest’s serene aura. Cooking at the hilltop offered us picturesque views as we embraced a slow-paced day, seeking solace in the heart of nature. Immersing ourselves in the forest’s ambiance, we pitched our tent early, savoring moments of tranquility.

Connecting with Nature:

Most of the day was spent in deep meditation, fostering a profound connection with the forest’s tranquil atmosphere. Enveloped in the serene surroundings, we relished the beauty of simply being present in the midst of nature.

Twilight Encounter and Urgent Relocation:

As evening descended, our solitary retreat was interrupted when someone kindly cautioned us about the potential dangers of wild boars roaming the area at night. With safety in mind, we swiftly packed our belongings and relocated from the forest, seeking refuge just outside its confines.

Sunset on an Open Field:

The sudden transition led us to an open field, where we watched a breathtaking sunset. The tranquil beauty of the sun painting the sky in hues of orange and pink provided a stunning conclusion to a day that veered unexpectedly from restful seclusion to hurried relocation.


Day 18, initially intended as a day of rest and meditative connection with the forest, took a sudden turn with the realization of potential risks. This led to a twilight relocation for safety. Nonetheless, the day concluded with a mesmerizing sunset, showcasing the unpredictability and striking beauty of nature in our journey from Rotterdam to Romania.

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