The Monkeys of Ubud, Indonesia

Urgent News: We have witnessed at least 3 crimes we need to report!

Incident 1: We were walking along the streets Ubud and a monkey 🐒 was sitting in the street, Ì was thinking of taking a picture 📸 with it but then we witnessed a crime, Attempted robbery the monkey ran across the road and grabbed a ladys orange juice out of her hand, she did well to snatch it back

Incident 2: Robbery on 2 occasions, one monkey went onto a parked motorcycle and stole a drink takingcare to check thecoast was clear beforeand after, another stole a bag from a shop, the owner attempted an exchangeforbananas🍌but the monkey was having non of it

Incident 3: Breaking an entry, a monkey got into the room opposite us, the person staying in the room so it happen while in the pool and told the hotel staff, it took 3 of the hotel staff a good 10-15 minutes to get it out of the room, state of room unknown.

There is a monkey 🐒 forest in Ubud, but lots of monkeys are seen roaming the streets in the area. They’re quite smart and always fun to observe.

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