Snorkeling at Mettams Pool, Perth, WA

After a short while in the Perth heat, we needed to cool off in the Ocean 🌊 and a trip to the beach wouldn’t be complete without some snorkeling 😀. Mettams Pool is a great beach that’s easily accessible via public transport from Central Perth, and it has a coral reef that is protected from Sharks 🦈 with Netting.

After spending some time in the water here, the experience was quite different from previous snorkelling trips. The Ocean waves 🌊 are Big, they move you around in the water and crash down over you, which is fun in it’s own right but it also kicks up the sand so visibility when snorkelling can be reduced at least at this time of year. There was still plenty to see 👀, the marine life was also being swept around by the waves.

Beyond the snorkelling, just watching or experiencing the waves is amazing. A walk along the coast is very scenic, and the sunsets are beautiful 🌅.

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