Kayaking & Snorkeling, Phi Phi Don, Thailand

For just £10 a day, you can hire a Kayak, and explore the waters around Phi Phi Don Island. Its  the perfect way to get up close to some of the famous limestone cliffs of Phi Phi as well as some hidden coves that are only accessible by boat (you could get on a tour boat but where’s the fun in that 😂).

After an early start, packed the snorkels, got some breakfast, and hit Loh Dalum Beach ⛱️ where we rented a kayak. The Sea was very calm  it was a very scenic and relaxing journey to Nui Beach, which is on a bay that’s only accessible by boat. On arrival to the beach, we had a close call with another Kayak. Once the Kayak was all secure on the Beach ⛱️ it was time for some snorkelling 😁.

After spending the morning snorkelling and snacking on the beach, it was time to head on. We decided to just kayak around the Island and go with the flow and see where we get. The waves 🌊  were more choppy at this time of the day, and lots of longboat and speedboats 🚤 were out, which created extra choppyness. As we ventured around the island, the waves became quite large as we dipped up and down over the waves, we spotted a couple of other kayaks, which gave us some peace of mind. We eventually got to Wang Long Bay, which took much longer than it should as we were against the tide. Put the Kayak to rest on the beach and it was time for some more Snorkeling 😁, there were some huge schools of fish here, which was very impressive.

After a few hours, it was getting late into the afternoon, and the sun had started to go down. We Snorkelled back to base but decided to stop and watch the sunset as we slowly drifted back and forth in open water. After a very relaxing 20 minutes, the sun had set, and it was time to head back. The Journey back was fairly easy as the sea was calm, as we approached the shore full of lights it was difficult to tell where the Kayak shop was so we headed to the closest shore but it was low tide 🤷🏻‍♂️ whoops! Soooo we had to get out and carry/drag the Kayak and bags 🎒 to the beach 🫣.

What a day, what an adventure! 😀

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