Relaxation in Beuron – Day 23


Day 23 of our cycling journey from Rotterdam to Romania led us from Tutlingen to the outskirts of Beuron. It was a day marked by relaxation, as we enjoyed the calm atmosphere of Beuron, booked a hotel, and indulged in some leisurely activities.

Arrival in Beuron:

The day’s ride took us to the outskirts of Beuron, where we embraced the tranquility and sought a day of respite. Arriving in this peaceful area provided the perfect setting for a more relaxed leg of our cycling adventure.

Chill Day and Hotel Booking:

In Beuron, we decided to take a break and enjoy a chill day. The focus was on unwinding, so we booked a hotel to ensure a comfortable and convenient stay. The decision to opt for a hotel allowed us to relish the comfort and convenience it offered after days of camping.

Cooking and Leisure:

The day was spent leisurely, engaging in some cooking and other relaxing activities. This break provided an opportunity to unwind, cook meals at our own pace, and simply enjoy a more laid-back day.


Day 23 brought a change of pace, as we took a break from camping and embraced the comforts of a hotel in Beuron. It was a day dedicated to relaxation, unwinding, and taking a moment to enjoy the simple pleasures of cooking and leisure. The calmness of Beuron provided a soothing environment, allowing us to rejuvenate before continuing our cycling journey from Rotterdam to Romania along the Danube.

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